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Hot or cold.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name “Thermos”? Probably a hot beverage. The key word here is hot. Thermos is a world famous company producing thermal vessels for your beverages. Cold drinks stay cold, hot drinks stay hot. The company is so well-known, that nowadays any thermal-insulated cup/bottle/tumbler/flask/mug is referred to as a thermos (noun). Yes, they basically own the market. Any other manufacturer making a similar product has to include the keyword “thermos”, otherwise it’s very unlikely that the consumer will discover that product. That’s what I call a domination.

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The idea.

Containing a liquid (sealing it inside) and having it instantly accessible are the main requests of any thermos user. You wouldn’t want to twist a cap off every time you want to have a sip of your coffee. You also wouldn’t want to wear the liquid on your trousers. Hence, making the bottle contain the liquid, maintain its temperature and dispense it on-demand is a difficult design task.

The design and the execution.

Thermos Discovery is made from brushed stainless steel and very hard, smooth plastic. It is very comfortable in the hand with it’s smooth shape and tapered design. It almost feels like it wedges itself in your hand, making it really difficult to drop accidentally. That allows mug to have no handles or hooks, making the design look clean and simple. The slightly organic shape, made from reflective, brushed steel, looks like an extra-terrestrial object from the distant future. The product is operated via single-button user interface. Click – pour, click – seal. You need to twist the whole top part off to open the container. Overall, the products creates a felling that it could be used to cut diamond. Thermos Discovery is so robust that you don’t even have to think about it. The way every product should be build. But isn’t, unfortunately.

Form vs. function.

Function. There are no noticeable flaws with the design, at least I have not found any. The form does not interfere with its function in any negative way whatsoever. This isn’t Form vs. Function. This is Form and Function.

The opinion.

I love this product so much it gives me goosebumps every time I use it. I simply cannot say anything bad about it. It seems that it’s flawless. It’s exactly the way I imagine what a Thermos flask should look like, work and feel like. I’m not surprised Thermos absolutely dominates this market.
The feeling of holding a tapered brushed metal object in your hand is something different. You immediately feel the weight, the temperature and the texture of the object. It gives you this amazing feeling of robustness, quality and class. The same feeling you feel when you push that button that’s smack-bang in the centre of the cap. That loud, reassuring *CLUNK* informs you that the liquid inside will not end up on your documents in your briefcase. It’s very easy to clean, to disassemble and reassemble. There aren’t many moving parts, therefore washing it is a very quick task. Make sure you give it a good wash before you use it for the very first time, otherwise your coffee might taste like an iron foundry.
Last but not least, the simplicity. It’s everywhere. From the shape in general to the smallest detail of the design. From putting a little white ring around the button to indicate whether the cup is open or closed, to placing the Thermos logo on the bottom of the container, so the whole product looks cleaner. You can feel the amount of thought that has been put in designing this product. And I bow down to the designers.


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The details.

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Thermos Discovery Button


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