January Playlist

Keep the records spinning.

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Instead of posting a set playlist of tracks on Soundcloud, this month I’ve decided to do something a little bit special. For the next five days I will be introducing you to some of my favourite records, together with the incredible artists you might or might not have heard of.

I will try my best to find some samples for you to try out, and link the albums to their Amazon listings both in mp3 and vinyl record versions.

This article will be updated daily from the 9th of January, to the 13th of January.

detailist-divider1. Skalpel.

Nu Jazz vibes mixed with some vintage jazz samples from the 60s and the 70s.



Buy “Skalpel” record album here.
Buy “Skalpel” mp3 album here.


2. Bonobo – Black Sands

Hands-down my favourite record in my collection. The best description for this genre is “Traveling music”. Grab a camera, a plane ticket, go see some mountains and crystal clear water. Put this album on and submerse yourself into the texture and the beauty of Bonobo’s music.


Here’s a sample I found on Bonobo’s Bandcamp:


Buy “Bonobo – Black Sands” record album here.
Buy “Bonobo – Black Sands” mp3 album here (including more samples)


3. Jungle.

The new old disco sound. Simply fun.


The samples are taken from their “The Heat” EP album, but all the tracks are also on the “Jungle” LP.


Buy “Jungle” record album here.
Buy “Jungle” mp3 album here.


4. Fakear – Animal

Fakear is a very young and very, very talented electronic music producer and performer. The music of life, the music of love. Makes you want to pack a rucksack and just go exploring.


Buy “Fakear – Animal” record album here.
Buy “Fakear – Animal” mp3 album here.


5. Pink Floyd – The Wall. 

A band that needs no introduction. The album? One word – emotional.



Buy “Pink Floyd – The Wall” record album here.
Buy “Pink Floyd – The Wall” mp3 album here.



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