“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

We believe that it should be the motto of any designer, any design, any flavour of art.
Detailist magazine was made to celebrate just that.


Detailist is a magazine about consumer-focused arts, such as industrial design, graphic design, photography, music and more. Founded in 2016 by concept designer Gus Petrikas, Detailist magazine aims to inspire and teach both, the author and the reader.
Here you will find design news, designer interviews and product reviews like no other: written in simple words, honest, unbiased, describing and discussing what is usually left unmentioned.

Funding and sponsorship

Detailist magazine aims to be very open, simple and transparent. We believe that the reader has the right to know how the magazine is funded. This way we hope to gain trust and credibility, to make a strong connection with the reader.

The magazine is supported by:

  • Sponsors (Brands that support the magazine and have their logos at the bottom of every page)
  • Affiliate Links (Links that reward the magazine with a small percentage of the price of the sold product, with no extra cost to the reader)
  • Paid Reviews (Companies that have paid to have their product reviewed by Detailist. We will always let you know when the review has been paid for. It is our promise that we will always express our true, unbiased opinion.)

Detailist¬†will never have¬†any advertisement banners, pop-ups or content that does not conform with the website’s design. Therefore, you will always get the pure, distraction-free reading experience.


All images on the webiste are copyright to Detailist, and must not be re-used without explicit permission. All non-original content will be credited and linked to the source website.


We gladly accept topic suggestions, review requests and design submissions. However, we do not guarantee their appearance on the magazine.

If you have any queries or opinions, please contact us by email: