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If you ever enjoyed’s photos on Instagram, you might be curious how we process and develop our photos. Simple, we use Adobe Lightroom and a set of handcrafted presets. And today, we’re sharing our 5 basic presets for you to use on your own photos. Please feel free to use the presets for any creative work, paid or personal. We kindly ask you not to mirror or directly share the files themselves, instead please share the link to this post.

Tip: Adjust the temperature of the photo first, then apply the preset and fine-tune all other settings. Apply grain to suit your taste.

Download Free Lightroom Presets here:

For Mac OS X
For Windows

You can buy Adobe Lightroom through this affiliate (?) link:

Adobe Lightroom

Mac OS X users: Click on the image below for a quick gif guide on how to install the presets.
Windows users: Same technique. Preferences can be found in the Edit menu up above.

Restart Lightroom after copying the preset folder.

Free Lightroom Presets Detailist


Bleached *


Bright *


Cool *


Punchy *


Warm *



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