Cutting Corners

Rounding the pointy bits.

Whether you’ve been living under or on a rock, you’ve probably already heard about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and/or the LG G6. They have something in common. Something that has not been used in mobile phone design for a very long time. And it’s the hot new trend on the block.

Rounded corners. Rounded corners? Rounded corners. No, I’m not talking about the shape of the phone body which resembles a block of used soap. It’s the screen. Samsung and LG took a leap of faith and sacrificed a bunch of pixels for the sake of esthetics. And I absolutely love it.

Now, how about the rest of us? Unless you are planning to purchase any of the mentioned devices, or the new Apple iPhone 8 (rumors, rumors), you’re in a bit of a pickle, stuck with your ugly, rectangle-ish, sharp-corned, stupid screen. But there’s a way around it!




Duct tape! Or at least the digital alternative of it. If you happen to be running Android OS on your phone, there are a bunch of apps surfacing on the Google Play store that can round the corners of your screen, digitally. My personal favourite – Cornerfly. A simple app that runs in the background and simply covers the corners with black pixels. Easy, simple, works like a charm. Bonus points if your device has an AMOLED screen – instead of covering the pixels in black colour, they will just be turned off.


ounded corners app design


Yes, I absolutely agree with your thoughts. What an awful thing to do. I’m sacrificing function over form. But I never said I was a practical person. It’s just that the rounded corners give me a lot of satisfaction. The device I’m holding now feels fresh, well-designed, light and smooth. It invites me to touch it and hold it. Interact with it. Use it. Believe me, it’s a whole different experience. Or maybe it’s just me?

Well, it’s not. People went completely bonkers over Samsung’s new device, everyone seemed to ignore the curved screen, and screamed like little girls when they saw rounded corners on that massive display. I’m now absolutely certain that more and more devices will follow. And about time, I might add.

Form, shape, design – they must be consistent. There are only a few phones that look absolutely brilliant with rectangle screens. Why? Because their bodies were designed with sharp corners. Phones nowadays are half screen, half body. Two elements. That’s pretty much it. And, until now, those two elements had different parameters. Bodies were smooth and round, the screens were sharp and square. That is a big no-no in any design category, any design language.


ounded corners Android app


Now, we have the freedom to design phones the way we like, experiment and develop the shapes the way we want. Now, we can follow the rules of good design. Rejoice!



June 1, 2017 by